Support for teacher resilience & retention

Published Materials

The Joy in Teaching series features the book, Joy in Teaching and its companion workbook The Definitive Joy in Teaching Workbook.

Perfect for professional learning opportunities like book studies and professional development the book and workbook offer practical strategies and research-based action steps to retain educators in the classroom and help them to build resilience, fight burnout, and reclaim the joy in teaching.

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Joy in Teaching Books

Workshops & Talks

Dr. Tiffany Carr models workshops and talks after what educators respond to best. Authenticity. A frenzied performance from someone who has never been in a classroom isn’t going to create change in your school.

As a veteran educator, Dr. Carr approaches each experience as an opportunity to share inspirational and actionable research-based resilience strategies in order to create positive change and position educators for a sustainable and fulfilling career.

Dr. Tiffany Carr speaking on stage

Courses & More

Flexible web-based learning opportunities packed with research-based knowledge to help teachers build resilience and reclaim the joy in teaching.

Leave every learning opportunity with an actionable toolkit to help you implement new practices and achieve your goals.

Make sure to visit the Joy in Teaching website for more offerings such as customized workshops and bookstudies.

Joy in Teaching Courses on screens

The time is now to reclaim the  joy in teaching

Image of Dr. Tiffany Carr

Joy in Teaching was founded by Dr. Tiffany Carr to help educators everywhere build resilience, fight burnout, and reclaim their Joy in Teaching.

Dr. Carr has combined her knowledge and research in teacher resilience with her extensive experience in the field to provide educators with research-based resources grounded in the reality of what a life in teaching is today.

Joy in Teaching has grown to include diverse offerings for districts, schools, and individual educators – to support the profession at all levels and all stages of professional growth.