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Resilience is key to a fulfilling teaching career.

Founded by Dr. Tiffany Carr, Joy in Teaching provides the tools and resources to turn things around for educators, to make teaching a desirable and joy-filled experience. Dr. Carr offers resilience-building services for individuals, schools, and districts that focus on actionable tools to combat occupational stress and burnout within the field of education.

Reclaim the joy in teaching for yourself, your students, and your school.

Dr. Carr brings her research, resources, and stories from years of teaching at all grade levels to Joy in Teaching. Through her speaking, books, courses and more, Dr. Carr has helped many schools and districts to bolster their teachers’ and staff’s resilience.

Those who choose a path in education care deeply and desire strongly to make a difference. However, research and trends paint a dismal picture of teacher satisfaction and retention.

We know that teachers’ stress impacts:

  • Our students’ education
  • Our schools’ ability to meet diverse needs
  • Our administrators’ need to retain good teachers
  • Our teachers’ sense of purpose & success

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