Tiffany A. Carr , Ph.d.

Tiffany A. Carr, Ph.D.

Tiffany A. Carr, Ph.D.


Connecting with people and exploring approaches to both education and the arts. 

Tiffany Carr could be considered a creative multi-hyphenate if such terms weren’t repelling to most. She holds a doctorate in Teaching and Learning with years of experience. Her background in the arts and teaching foray into paths in design, academia, and entrepreneurship.

Tiffany has inspired in teaching positions within k-12, undergrad. and grad. studies. She teaches subjects including studio arts, teaching methods, differentiation, special ed., and equity and inclusion.

Her passion for teaching led Tiffany to found Joy in Teaching to help educators build resilience and fight burnout through resources and services. This includes book publications and speaking engagements.

Tiffany is an avid visual artist working in a vast range of media. She has also brought her digital design and branding skills to entrepreneurial and non-profit endeavors.

If you’re interested in working with Dr. Tiffany Carr please feel free to reach out here or on social media.